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Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed collecting and organizing things: mostly rocks, Polly Pockets, stamps, books, and Barbies. In my “digital world”, I collect knowledge and resources that shape my understanding of the world. And some things are just downright delightful. This page is a series of those collections, of books, useful guides, resources, and thoughts.

"Nothing Without Intention" Mood Board

I was playing Solange’s When I Get Home when I heard an interlude say, “Nothing without intention. Do nothing without intention.” Then it clicked. This is a mood board for my site: a homage to my borough, an online identity that is true to me and brings me joy… for the time being.

Click the interactive to explore.

Bring Your Full Self to Work 😉 -

Do nothing without intention. A sort of style guide

Never Stop Learning UX Resource Guide

I appreciate those who come before me and shape my knowledge of user experience. To pay it forward, I created the “Never Stop Learning” Resource Guide: a collection of free short courses, videos, podcasts, articles, and more for people to learn more about various concepts, methodologies, and practical applications of user experience.

Clicking the image below will take you to the resource guide.

My Digital Library

I love immersing myself in new worlds through reading. A current list of books I’m (re)reading. This list also holds me accountable because as you can see, I read too many books at the same time.


Coming soon.

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